Setting up your domain for SPF, DKIM & DMARC

Setting up your domain to comply with SPF, DKIM and DMARC requirements that are being implemented by more and more email providers, is easy with Keila!

Note: This document only applies if you are using Managed Keila on
If you are using a self-hosted instance, these instructions won’t work.

1. Create a Send with Keila Sender

If you don’t yet have one, create a Sender in your Keila project and select the Send with Keila option. Make sure you can receive emails at the From address (e.g. so you can receive the confirmation email.

2. Pick your Mail From Domain

Choose a subdomain that is not currently used for anything else. This subdomain will become your Mail From Domain. Common choices include or

Note: You can’t use the Mail From Domain in your From address. This means if you configure as your Mail From Domain, you should still use an email address on your principal domain (e.g. as your From address and not an email address on your Mail From Domain (i.e. don’t use

3. Update your DNS

Add the following entries to your DNS settings:

Connect your Mail From Domain with CNAME:
CNAME *your-subdomain*

Add the Keila DKIM key:

Enable DMARC for your main domain:
TXT v=DMARC1; p=none

4. Submit the Domain Connection Form

Now you’re almost done! Just submit our domain configuration form and we’ll take care of the rest and get in touch with you.

Submit your configuration