Contacts: Manage Email Contacts & Custom Data

Subscribers to your newsletter are called Contacts in Keila.

You can see a list of all contacts on the Contacts page which is accessible from the main menu:

Screenshot of the contacts overview page in Keila

Contact Data

You can store additional data for every contact. This data needs to be in JSON format and can also include nested fields.

Screenshot of editing a contact with custom data in Keila

Importing Contacts

If you already have an existing list of subscribers that you want to import into Keila, you can do so by clicking on Import Contacts on the Contacts page.

Keila can import contacts from CSV files. Make sure to follow the instructions on the Import Contacts page to ensure your file is correctly formatted will be imported successfully.

Use the checkbox Replace to duplicates to determine what should happen with email addresses that already exist within your Keila project. If you check the option, existing contacts will be updated from your import file. If you disable the option, existing contacts will remain unchanged.

Screenshot of the contacts import page in Keila