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Some Things You’ll Love About Keila

Import Existing Contacts

Keila makes it really easy to get started if you have a list of existing contacts. Simply upload a CSV file and you’re ready to go.

Custom Data & Tags

Complete freedom to add custom data and tags to your contacts. Use data to filter contacts and as merge fields in campaigns.

Powerful Segmentation

Create smart subsets of your contact lists. Build segments with the visual segment editor or our powerful query language .

Built for Privacy

Keila gives you the stats you need while respecting the privacy of your contacts.

Own Your Data

With Keila, your data is yours. If you use our managed email newsletter service, we will never share your data with third parties.

Hosted in the EU

Our managed email newsletter service is fully operated within the European Union, guaranteeing strict European privacy standards.

Live Statistics

As soon as you click Send, Keila gives you live statistics for your newsletters, including open and click rates.

Integrate & Automate

Integrate your email newsletter with other applications using Keila’s powerful API for managing contacts and email campaigns.

Open Source & Self-Hosting

Keila is Free/Libre Open Source Software. You can run it on your own servers using the code on GitHub or our official Docker image .

What Our Users Say

Anouk Ooms

»Keila has helped us send millions of emails to subscribers all across Europe while keeping full control of our data.«

Anouk Ooms, General Secretary of Volt Europa

Features & Roadmap

Keila is constantly evolving. Here are some completed and planned features:

  • Build multi-column layouts with Keila’s Block Editor.

  • Compose hybrid text & HTML emails with Markdown.

  • Compose plain-text emails with style.

  • Personalize your campaigns with Liquid.

  • Send emails with SMTP, AWS SES, Mailgun, Postmark, Sendgrid.

  • Create & design your own signup forms.

  • Protect your forms against spammers with hCaptcha.

  • Import existing subscribers from CSV.

  • Double opt-in (confirmed opt-in).

  • One-click unsubscriptions.

  • Click & open tracking of campaigns.

  • Automatic contact quality monitoring & bounce handling.

  • Powerful segmentation and custom fields.

  • Fully-featured API for sending campaigns and syncing contacts.

  • Upload images.

  • WIP

    A/B tests.

  • WIP

    Data takeout for users and contacts.

  • WIP

    Transparent privacy settings for contacts.

  • WIP

    Upload file attachments.

  • WIP

    Create custom HTML templates with reusable blocks.

  • WIP

    Powerful email automations.

  • WIP

    … maybe your idea? Let us know on GitHub!

Check out our development roadmap on GitHub.

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