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Manage and grow your contact lists, design and send personalized newsletter campaigns easier than ever before. Keila is a 100% Open Source newsletter tool, made in Germany and hosted in the EU 🇩🇪 🇪🇺

Here’s why you’ll love Keila

Emails That Just Work

Creating emails that work across devices and clients can be difficult. With Keila’s rock-solid base templates, your newsletters always look great – no matter if recipients are using Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, if they’re on mobile, or on a desktop computer.

Create Emails Your Way

  • You don’t want to code and prefer to design your newsletter in an easy-to-use visual editor? Keila’s powerful Block Editor is the right choice for you.
  • You love the simplicity of Markdown? With Keila, you can write newsletters with Markdown directly or use our Markdown-powered WYSIWYG editor.
  • Prefer plain text? Send your HTML-free no-frills emails with Keila.
Read more about our editor options.

Powerful Analytics and Great Privacy Options

Keila’s email analytics give you all the insights you need to make the most of your campaigns - while still respecting user privacy and not collecting more than is necessary and useful. If you prefer to be even more privacy-conscious, you can easily turn off tracking entirely.

Read more about our analytics features and privacy options

Create Forms with Custom Fields with Our Flexible Form Builder

With Keila’s Form Builder, you can create and design sign-up forms for your newsletter. Customize your forms with additional checkboxes, text fields, and dropdowns.

Protect Your Newsletter from Bots

Any online form attracts bots. And when bots sign up to your newsletter, it negatively impacts the quality of your contact list and might ultimately jeopardize the deliverability of your emails. With Keila, you can easily protect your forms with a captcha check and verify new sign-ups with double-opt-in.

Personalize Emails with Custom Data and Liquid Templates

Keila makes it easy to personalize campaigns with the custom data fields from your sign-up forms or from external sources (e.g. CMS or CRM systems). Custom data for every contact and every campaign is represented as a single JSON object. You can use Shopify’s Liquid template language to personalize emails with custom data or build fully dynamic email templates.

Read more about our data and segmentation features.

Target Emails with Segments

To help you better target your contacts with emails that are relevant to them, you can create subsets of your mailing list based on contact data like language preferences or tags.

Keila includes a visual segment editor and a powerful segment language for more complex cases.

Read more about using segments in the docs.

Extensibility With a Comprehensive API

Keila offers a comprehensive API to manage contacts and campaigns. This allows you to create integrations with your existing tools and automate your email marketing workflows. For a no-code/low-code option, we currently have a Zapier integration in private beta.

Take a look at the Keila API docs.

No Vendor Lock-in and 100% Open Source

Keila is 100% Open Source with no proprietary premium features. You can become a part of the community by contributing bug reports, translations, or code on GitHub. Take full control of your data with Keila. Our official Docker image is ready for self-hosting.

Read more about why Keila is a true Open Source alternative to Mailchimp, Brevo, and other proprietary email marketing tools.

Awesome Support

It’s our mission to help you send newsletters – and we’ll do (almost) anything to get you there. No matter if you need help setting up your template, embedding the form into your website, or fighting Spam complaints – we’re there for you.

Hosted in the EU

We run our managed newsletter service Keila Cloud service entirely on European infrastructure in Germany and France. This guarantees strict European privacy standards for your and your subscribers.

Anouk Ooms

Keila has helped us send millions of emails to subscribers all across Europe while keeping full control of our data.

Anouk Ooms, General Secretary at Volt Europa
André Hoarau

We really like Keila! Simple, no-fuss UI. No-tracking feature. Awesome support. Written in Elixir. AGPL-licensed. Hosted in the EU. The right tool for the job!

André Hoarau, Creator of Brinjel
Amadeus Paulussen

My team and I have sent hundreds of client newsletters with various tools over the past 20 years. Today, I recommend Keila because it’s a joy to use, has excellent support, it’s open source, and feels much more in line with what’s important to me.

Amadeus Paulussen

Features & Roadmap

Keila is constantly evolving. Here are some completed and planned features:

  • Visual block editor with support for multi-column layouts
  • Hybrid HTML & Plain text campaigns with Markdown (with and without WYSIWYG)
  • First-class plain text email support
  • Automatic bounce and complaint handling
  • Form protection with hCaptcha and Friendly Captcha
  • Double-Opt-In (Confirmed Opt-In)
  • Email analytics with click & open tracking
  • Form builder with custom fields
  • Advanced templating with Shopify’s Liquid template language
  • JSON data for contacts and campaigns
  • Powerful segmentation features
  • Full-featured API
  • CSV import & export
  • Fully managed Send with Keila option with excellent deliverability
  • Bring your own email with SMTP, AWS SES, Mailgun, Postmark, Sendgrid
  • A/B Tests
  • MJML Support
  • Marketing automations
  • … maybe your idea? Let us know on GitHub!

For more information about upcoming features, check out the Development roadmap on GitHub.

Recent updates

Dec 11, 2023

Double Opt-in

Verify newsletter signups with double opt-in.

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