Hey, we’re the Keila Project.

We’re building an OpenSource email newsletter tool. That’s right, we’re building a free alternative to MailChimp!

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Features & Roadmap

We have big plans for Keila. Here are some completed and planned features:

  • Compose hybrid text & HTML emails with Markdown.

  • Compose plain-text emails with support for Liquid templating.

  • Send emails with SMTP, Sendgrid, AWS SES.

  • Create & design your own signup forms.

  • Import existing subscribers from CSV.

  • Protect your forms against spammers with hCaptcha.

  • One-click unsubscriptions.

  • Click & open tracking of campaigns.

  • WIP

    Automatic contact quality monitoring & bounce handling.

  • WIP

    Powerful segementation and custom fields.

  • WIP
    Upload images & file attachments.
  • WIP
    Fully-featured API for sending campaigns and syncing contacts
  • WIP

    Create custom HTML templates with reusable blocks.

  • WIP
    Powerful email automations.
  • WIP

    … maybe your idea? Let us know on GitHub!

Check out our development roadmap on GitHub.