Feb 22, 2022

Markdown As-You-Type & WYSIWYG Improvements

This update for Keila’s WYSIWYG editor brings automatic recognition of Markdown as-you-type and improved support for the Liquid template language.

Markdown As-You-Type

Markdown has long been the most popular way of formatting text content without writing HTML directly or relying exclusively on the clicking of UI buttons.

This update brings Markdown support to Keila’s WYSIWYG editor. If you type Markdown (e.g. by using * for italics or - at the beginning of a line to create list), the corresponding formatting is now automatically applied.

Improved Liquid Support

In addition to the new Markdown-as-you-type feature, Keila’s WYSIWYG editor now also makes it easier to use Shopify’s Liquid template language in newsletter campaigns. Liquid code is now highlighted in the editor to make it stand out more. This highlighting is applied automatically as-you-type. Additionally, there’s now a new Code button in the WYSIWYG editor menu to guide less experienced users when inserting Liquid tags into their campaigns.