Sep 17, 2022

Dynamic Campaign Subjects

Keila now allows you to use variables in subject lines for more personalized campaigns.

The use of the Liquid templating language is now fully supported in campaign subjects. This means, you can now fully personalize an email subject for a recipient, just like you can already personalize email contents with Keila.

Screenshot showing the use of a liquid tag in an email campaign subject

This example illustrates how you can use dynamic email subjects:

If you wanted to send an email announcing the dynamic email subject features, you could now use the following subject line:

{{ contact.first_name | default: "Hey" }}, Do You Want Dynamic Email Subjects?

A contact named Jane would receive an email with the following subject: Jane, Do You Want Dynamic Email Subjects?. A contact that hasn’t provided their name when signing up, would instead receive the subject Hey, Do You Want Dynamic Email Subjects?.