Feb 22, 2022

Custom Campaign Data

The addition of Custom Campaign Data enables users to automatically populate newsletter campaigns with data from other sources.

Screenshot showing the campaign data feature in Keila

Keila has long allowed users to specify custom data on a per-contact basis, a concept known as merge fields elsewhere. But now Keila takes data-driven campaigns one step further: It’s now also possible to specify custom data at the campaign level.

Specifying data at the campaign level allows the creation of fully automated campaigns, where some or all of the campaign text is generated based on custom data and a template.


In this example, we want to include a list of books with titles linked to product pages in an email.

To achieve this, we specify the following campaign data with a list of available books:

         "title": "The Earth Book",
         "link": "https://books/earth-book"
         "title": "The Mars Book",
         "link": "https://books/mars-book"

In the campaign editor, we can now write the following Markdown template using the Liquid template language:

{% for book in campaign.data.books %}

- [{{ book.title }}]({{ book.link }})

{% endfor %}

This will create a list of books based on our campaign data.