May 1, 2023

WYSIWYG Block Editor

You can now build multi-column email campaigns with Keila. No coding required.

Keila 0.12 introduces a new option for composing email campaigns. In addition to plain text and Markdown (with or without WYSIWYG) campaigns, you can now use the WYSIWYG Block Editor to create rich, multi-column, emails.

Screenshot showing the new block editor

Supported Layouts

The editor supports the following types of multi-column layouts:

  • Two columns, 1:1
  • Two columns, 1:2
  • Two columns, 2:1
  • Three columns, 1:1:1
Screenshot showing various layout options

Included Blocks

The new editor comes with all the blocks you need to build a great-looking email:

  • Text paragraphs
  • Headings
  • Images (with support for links, captions, alt texts)
  • Buttons (centered or full width)
  • Lists (ordered and unordered)
  • Separators
  • Block quotes

A small improvement for the button component is that you can now choose whether it should be centered or full width:

Screenshot showing the settings dialog for the button component